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Publié : 10 mai 2011
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Interview with Mr. Bizard

Dans le cadre de "l’option européenne" avec Mme Simpson, nous avons décidé de faire des interviews des professeurs et adultes du collège. Aujourd’hui c’est l’interview de Monsieur Bizard, principal du collège.

- Why did you choose this job ?

I choose this job because I can help the pupils to be successful. With the teacher staff we prepare the students for examination and their carrier.

- Can you explain your job ?

I manage the everyday life of the public school. I work with the teacher staff, the technician, the financial clerk. I am the chairman of the board.

- Do you like your job ?

Yes, I like my job because it’s a complete job. I work with different people. I work with students and their families. I prepare, with my staff, your future.

- What do you do after school ?

I take care of my family. I go mountain biking. I like mountain.

- Have you got a pet ?

Yes, I’ve got a dog and a cat.